F A Q ...

Are your recipes original recipes?

No, they are not original recipes (after all, I'm only 4!). My recipes are ones found on the Internet or recipes people have sent to me.  If you have a recipe you think I would like to make, please email me.  I may try making it and posting it on my website.

Do you cook other things besides what you put on the web site?

Yes.  I love to cook so I am always asking to help my mother or my Papa.  What I put on my web site are just the things I pretty much can cook by myself.  They are also fun, easy, delicious things kids AND grown-ups can make.

I posted a comment on your web site, why don't I see it?

Because some people have posted comments that aren't appropriate for a 4-year old, my Papa always reads the comments before reading them to me and posting them.  You may have to wait a little bit but your comment will be posted.

Do you go to school?

I don't start kindergarten until the Fall of 2014 but I have attended preschool and I love learning new things (right now I am learning the medical names for body parts, learning to read, learning some Spanish, some French, and know signing of 300-400 words in American Sign Language).


  1. Wow! I love your site Alexa! The first one I will try is your cobbler. Peach Cobbler is my absolute favorite dessert. Keep on cookin! Love, Miss Amy

  2. Alexa, I am the librarian at Harrington that you and your papa talked to on Saturday. Your website is wonderful! I am going to share it with my grandson, Charlie.